Principote Panormos Mykonos
Super Paradise Beach

Located 6km and southeast of Mykonos Town. It’s the second most famous beach on the island. Super Paradise beach is the most alternative and anti-conformist beach on the island. Virtually void of hotels, the exclusivity of Super Paradise beach has made it a favorite for mostly gay but also straight visitors to the island for many years.

Panormos Beach

Located 4.5km from Mykonos Town on the northern coast of Mykonos. This unique beach is suitable for swimming with a fascinating view over the bay. This is the only beach where you can find a pet, pot-bellied pig roaming among the tourist.

Kalo Livadi

10km from Mykonos Town, located between Elia and Kalafatis, is one of the biggest, most beautiful and popular beach overlooking the Bay of Livadi, and is one of the most recent areas of Mykonos to be developed with hotel and bungalow accommodation.

Paraga Beach

It is situated 6km south from Mykonos Town, between Platis Gialos and Paradise.
Paraga offers outstanding swimming, music and food. This beach is very popular with the locals as well as the tourists. It’s the perfect beach to relax until the afternoon until the beach bar starts its program.

Platis Gialios Beach

About 4km from Mykonos Town located on the south coast. One of the most beautiful and famous beaches of the island, that at attracts a lot of explorers every summer.

Mykonos Chora

Mykonos Chora, the charming and commonly known capital of the island.
The location and the way the town of Mykonos is build -inside the Northern eye- the port, the particular colors, it is an exceptional masterpiece.

The cosmopolitan Mykonos… uncensored

By far the most famous island in Greece and with no doubt the most cosmopolitan in Cyclades island

Since the fifties, Mykonos has always been one of the most popular tourist islands of the Mediterranean. It is a grand example of unique Cycladic architecture set around a picturesque fishing-village bay. The Island of winds as the locals call it lies in the center of the Aegean Sea between Tinos and Naxos. It’s the closest island to Delos.

The natural resources of Mykonos – the sea, the sun, the sky, sand and wind with the hospitality, the fun, the harmony and the charm – have helped it develop into a quality tourist resort with an international reputation. Everywhere one turns, cannot fail to notice the invincible beauty of one’s surroundings, the purity of the light, the linear perfection and the ubiquitous whitewash that makes the island look like a snow-city in the middle of summer.

Rising out of the Aegean center is a group of thirty-nine islands, twenty-four of which are inhabited, and called the Cyclades Islands. Its name (kyklos) is connected with entertainment and endless parties. Those islands are what people think of Greece – images of white and blue – whitewashed houses and domed churches surrounded in all directions. By far the most famous island in Greece and with no doubt the most cosmopolitan in Cyclades islands – but this does not mean that it has lost all of its traditional values.

Sparkling Nightlife

The nightlife of Mykonos is famous throughout the world.

Even though the town is very quiet in the evening, at night it gets overcrowded of people of all ages and destinations, getting out having some drinks and dances. There is an enormous variety of bars and nightclubs with contemporary music played by DJ’s from all around the world. The bars and clubs are mainly situated in the town of Mykonos but many beach parties are organized in the famous beach areas.

So having returned from the day’s activities, you can be ready for the festivities of the night. The night can begin with a pre-dinner drink in one of the harbor’s cafes, or a cozy bar in the Castro quarter. This could then be followed by a variety of meals, ranging from a traditional Greek Taverna meal to more international cuisine such as Italian, French, Indian and Chinese. One delicacy a visitor to Mykonos should try to sample is the fresh fish and seafood caught daily by local fishermen. After dinner, you can retire to a quiet bar for nightcap or hit the disco-bars or nightclub.

Additionally, Mykonos is gay-friendly Island during the summer, and many gay clubs are all over to be found. Overall, the island is widely known for its very interesting night life, with countless bars and clubs, which can serve even the most visitors.
The night clubs of Mykonos are so many and so different one from another, which is undoubtedly will get your attention. There are no strict rules of dress code, because to end up being danced to any of the clubs with a swimsuit and sunglasses, is the natural flow of things.

Mykonos, is for the past years attracting the attention of the most world-famous DJs to its beach bars the most well-known of which are Cavo Paradiso, Super Paradise , and Tropicana . Nightlife focuses mainly on bars rather than clubs, on drinks rather than food, on dance rather than sleep. Usually Mykonos nights start at 6-7 p.m. with a few parties on the beach and last until 7-10 a.m., when the best party animals on the island are still dancing on the various dance floors.

Additionally having to offer something special to each visitor Mykonos is the favourite destination for both those seeking to meet the island’s nightlife as well as relax to the numerous stunning beaches of the island providing you with much more than just sun and sea.

Beach Bars

Fun never stops here!

Mykonos celebrates summer, celebrates life! She has “temples” dedicated to her, full of legends, celebrities and thousands of sweet memories, which are bars, beach bars, clubs, dance bars and more , such as Nammos , Scorpios,Principato of Mykonos, and Kuzina.
In the afternoon, just before the sunset, you can hear the songs of sirens which speak about dancing and unlimited fun. Few can resist them. If you love fiesta follow them.

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